Last Updated: 14 August 2023

1. Introduction

Welcome to Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. This policy delineates the manner in which we handle your personal data during your interactions with our website. Additionally, we discuss your privacy rights and the protections established by law.

2. Important Information

2.1. The data controller for your personal information is

2.2. We’ve designated a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to address any queries pertaining to this policy. Reach out to our DPO at [DPO email address].

3. Data We Collect

We collate, utilize, store, and transfer the following personal data categories:

3.1. Contact Data: Primarily, this comprises your email address.

3.2. Technical Data: Internet protocol (IP) address, browser type and version, time zone settings, and geolocation data.

3.3. Usage Data: Information regarding your interactions with our website, products, and services.

3.4. Marketing and Communications Data: Your preferences concerning receiving marketing materials from our end and our third-party partners, along with your communication settings.

4. How We Use Your Data

4.1. Overseeing your account and your participation in giveaways.

4.2. Dispatching marketing correspondences.

4.3. Enhancing our website and user experience.

4.4. For internal analytics and research.

5. Data Security

5.1. We prioritize the security of your personal data. Our site employs encryption and other security protocols. Continuous surveillance is in place to counter any potential threats.

6. Newsletter and Third-Party Services

6.1. Our newsletters are facilitated via MailChimp. By subscribing, you agree to have your email stored in MailChimp, subject to their terms and privacy policy. Our sole collection from this service is your email, exclusively for newsletters. You can unsubscribe anytime using the embedded link in every email.

7. Data Retention

7.1. Your personal data remains with us only as long as its necessity persists, especially to comply with legal, accounting, or reporting obligations.

8. Your Legal Rights

Residents of the European Union (GDPR guidelines):

8.1. Access personal data. 8.2. Amend personal data. 8.3. Erasure of personal data. 8.4. Contest data processing. 8.5. Restrict processing. 8.6. Data portability. 8.7. Withdraw consent.

Residents of California (CCPA guidelines):

8.8. Disclosure of personal data collection. 8.9. Information on data sale or disclosures. 8.10. Opt-out of personal data sales. 8.11. Access to personal data. 8.12. Erasure of personal data.

9. Third-Party Sharing

9.1. For purposes outlined in section 4, your personal data might be shared with third parties. We ensure all third parties adhere to data protection laws and ensure the security of your data.

10. Cookie Usage

10.1. does not employ cookies or similar tracking technologies, assuring you an unhindered experience devoid of unwarranted tracking.

11. Consent and Opt-Out

11.1. By offering your email for our newsletter, you consent to our communications. This consent can be modified or withdrawn anytime through the “unsubscribe” link in our emails or by directly reaching out.

12. Contact Us

12.1. For any concerns or inquiries about our privacy practices or policy, connect with us at

13. Policy Updates

13.1. We may periodically update this policy. Any alterations will be communicated via an update on this page.